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A Short Guide to Purchasing a Berg Trampoline

Purchasing a trampoline is a significant investment that provides hours of fun and exercise for the entire family. Berg Trampolines are known for their quality, safety, and durability. Here’s a concise guide to help you make an informed decision when buying a Berg Trampoline.

1. Determine the Space Available

Measure Your Yard: Ensure you have enough space for the trampoline and safety clearance around it.
Ground Surface: Trampolines should be placed on flat, soft surfaces like grass.


2. Choose the Trampoline Type

  • In-Ground Trampolines: These are installed at ground level, providing a sleek look and easier access.
  • Above-Ground Trampolines: Elevated from the ground, these are more common and often come with safety nets.
  • Flat Ground Trampolines: These sit flush with the ground without a visible frame, blending seamlessly with your yard and providing easy access.


3. Select the Size

  • Small (6-10 feet): Suitable for younger children or smaller spaces.
  • Medium (10-14 feet): Ideal for most families, offering a balance of space and bounce quality.
  • Large (14 feet and above): Best for older children, teenagers, and multiple users.


4. Shape Options

  • Round Trampolines: Provide an even bounce, directing users towards the center, which enhances safety.
  • Rectangular Trampolines: Offer a larger jumping area and are preferred by gymnasts and athletes.
  • Oval Trampolines: Combine benefits of both round and rectangular trampolines, offering more jumping space and a good bounce.


5. Safety Features

Safety Net Enclosures: Essential for preventing falls, ensuring safe play.
Padding: Thick padding over springs and frames to prevent injuries.
Quality Materials: Look for trampolines made from UV-resistant materials to withstand weather conditions.


6. Weight Limit

User Weight: Ensure the trampoline supports the weight of the heaviest potential user.
Multiple Users: Consider the combined weight if the trampoline will be used by several people simultaneously.


7. Assembly and Installation

DIY or Professional: Decide if you want to assemble it yourself or hire professionals.
FlatGround Trampoline Installation: Ensure you have the proper equipment or professional help for the excavation and installation required for Flat Ground models.


8. Budget Considerations

Price Range: Berg Trampolines come in various price ranges; set a budget before shopping.
Long-Term Investment: Remember, investing in a higher-quality trampoline often means better safety and durability.



A Berg Trampoline can provide endless fun and physical activity. By considering the space, type, size, safety features, and your budget, you can find the perfect trampoline for your needs. Enjoy the bounce!

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