BERG Buzzy Beatz Go Kart


The four wheels make the BERG Buzzy go-kart much more stable than a three-wheel go-kart. It’s much safer! And since the pedals are not connected to the handlebars, your child’s feet stay on the pedals, even in tight turns. Buzzy makes pedaling easier and glides easily on the sidewalk or road. And he goes backwards too! Do you like music? The Buzzy Beatz and Buzzy Police are standard and feature a soundbox integrated into the steering wheel.


An EVA tire is made of high-tech foam. Thanks to the correct composition, EVA tires are just as durable as the traditional rubber tire, but never get punctured.


The direct drive ensures that pedaling is smooth and light. The pedals always move when the kart is in motion and you can brake by simply holding them. With the Buzzy you can tear through puddles, plow over sandy plains and brave forested surfaces without any effort!


The Buzzy from BERG stands firmly on the ground, thanks to the four off-road wheels and the swing axle. Your child is the master of any terrain on the Buzzy.


The Buzzy grows with you thanks to the adjustable saddle, making the Buzzy suitable for children from 2 to 5 years old.


Product Specifications:

Age: 2-5 Years
Weight: 8.5Kg
Colour: Black / Red
Gears: No
Minimum Length User: 85cm
Max Length User: 115cm
Max User Weight: 30kg
Model: Buzzy
Guarantee: 3 Years