Berg Nexo Foldable Kids Scooter Red


If your child loves to scoot, choose the BERG Nexo children’s scooter. The scooter is steered by leaning. The Nexo has a sleek design and three wheels for extra stability. With extra firm grip on the handles and footboard, and an ergonomic foot brake, children are sure to ride safely. And children will light up any space with the cool LED lights in the wheels! Simply fold the Nexo scooter up and take it with you, or pull it behind you with the handle. And if you want, there are additional options and accessories available for the Nexo.


You can set and adjust the handlebar lock and to prevent unexpected movements to the left or right. Also, the handlebar is adjustable to three positions, allowing the scooter grow with your child for years to come.


Children can’t always scoot anywhere or anytime they like. No problem. The Nexo folds up with just one click. And you can pull it along by using the handle Unfolding it again is just as easy.


Of course, you want your child to be visible when riding the Nexo. The LED lights in the front wheels make sure that your child is visible. When the wheels move, the LED lights are activated and light up as your child scoots!


The LED Add-On offers 12 modes with different light and color patterns. And with the Magnet Add-On, children can collect magnetic coins as they scoot.


Product Specifications:

User Age: 2 Years +

Weight: 4.2Kg to 4.3Kg

Colour: Red

Model: Nexo

Max Handlebar Height: 83cm

Min Handlebar Height: 67cm

Wheel Size: 12cm

Max User Weight: 50Kg

Warranty: 3 Years


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