BERG Ultim Favorit – Above Ground


You can make some huge jumps on the BERG Ultim Favorit! The design of the trampoline ensures that you can jump safely and for a longer period of time on an excellent quality trampoline. The advantage of a rectangular trampoline compared with a round trampoline is that you can jump over the entire length. Due to its shape, the trampoline fits in almost any garden particularly those with geometric designs.. The BERG Ultim Favorit has been developed with great attention and care to its parts and construction. It comes with the high Safety Net Comfort (price included) for safe trampolining.

The combination of the Goldspring Solo spring design with the AirFlow jumping mat ensures less air resistance and a larger jumping surface. Together, this makes for better and higher jumps.

  • The AirFlow jumping mat allows 50% more AirFlow. This results in better jumping comfort and higher and more flexible jumping! Water-permeable and therefore weather resistant for longer with 8 rows of stitching joining the loops to the mat.


  • Because the Goldspring Solo springs are placed at an angle, they are extra long and supple without reducing the jumping surface. Galvanized with a solid corrosion resistant zinc coating also.


  • The rectangular shape means you can make high jumps over the entire length of the trampoline!


  • Extra safety due to the thick PVC protective edge.


  • The top cap is user-friendly and ensures a tighter finishing of the Safety Net. The sturdy pole covers protect the Safety Net poles against the changeable Irish weather! With foam padding around the poles for extra safety.


  • The patented frame is easy to assemble and install.


  • Extra long lifespan of the protective edge due to an upper and lower layer of no less than 0.55-mm-thick PVC!

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