Berg Ultim Pro Bouncer Flat Ground


Do you get the best out of yourself when you’re jumping? Then you also want the very best material. The Pro Bouncer lets you jump at the highest level. Everything is right so you can focus on your coolest tricks. For the ultimate experience on a trampoline, you choose the Pro Bouncer. The Pro Bouncer is available as a rectangular trampoline and in 500/16.5ft.

The BERG Pro Bouncer already lets you jump at the highest level, but it can go even higher, with the new Pro Bouncer 5×5. This trampoline has a square jumping surface, which is bigger than that of the standard Pro Bouncer. It is available in 5×5 (500 x 500cm) version that is square. Purchase with the safety net deluxe XL (suitable for children 6 years and over). Without a net the SPORTS version is suitable for children 14 years and older.

Add the amazing Aerowall 2×2 in Black/Grey for the ultimate SPORTS experience.


AirFlow jump mat – High jumping requires minimal air resistance. The AirFlow Pro mat is specially developed for the pros, because it allows 150% more air to pass through than a standard jump mat.


TwinSpring Pro – The TwinSpring Pro springs have more windings and are extra long. In combination with the V-set-up they let you jump extra high. More time in the air, means more time for your tricks.


Extra thick and UV-resistant padding – The extra-thick protective padding of UV-resistant material gives you maximum safety. Even with the highest jumps you are sure to have a soft landing.


Super strong and extra high frame – The super strong frame is extra high, so you can safely bounce through after your mega high jump. The frame material has a double coating, which provides protection for years.


Safety Net Deluxe XL – To feel completely free and safe when jumping, you can always rely on the Safety Net Deluxe XL. It has been specially developed and extensively tested for your safety. The Ultim Pro Bouncer with a net is suitable for children 6 years and over. The SPORTS Ultim Pro Bouncer without a net is only suitable for children 14 years and over.

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