Cascade Play Unit Tower


The Cascade Play Unit Tower is a dynamic and engaging wooden play structure designed to bring a waterfall of joy and adventure to any garden space. Constructed from high-quality, resilient materials, this tower features a unique cascading design that simulates the playful essence of a flowing waterfall. With a secure ladder leading to a series of tiered platforms, it encourages exploration and offers various levels of fun. The unit includes an exhilarating slide for fast-paced descents and a multi-functional lower area that can serve as a sandbox or a cozy nook for imaginative play. Ideal for children aged 3 to 10, the Cascade Play Unit Tower is perfectly sized to fit a wide range of garden layouts, ensuring endless entertainment. It stands out as a delightful addition to family outdoor spaces, fostering active, imaginative, and multi-level play.



  • Cascading Design: Mirrors the lively spirit of a waterfall, providing a unique and engaging play environment.


  • High-Quality Wooden Construction: Made with durable, safe materials that guarantee longevity and reliability.


  • Tiered Platforms: Offer multiple levels for play, observation, and adventure, catering to a child’s curiosity and energy.


  • Secure Climbing Ladder: Facilitates easy access to the top, ensuring safety for young climbers.


  • Swift Slide: A thrilling feature that allows for speedy exits, enhancing the fun factor.


  • Versatile Lower Area: Can be transformed into a sandbox or imaginative play space, encouraging creativity and sensory engagement.


  • Space-Efficient Design: Optimally designed to offer a substantial play area while accommodating smaller garden spaces.


  • Age Range: Suitable for a broad spectrum of children, from ages 3 to 10, supporting various developmental phases.


  • Easy to Assemble: Comes with straightforward, step-by-step instructions for hassle-free setup and immediate play.


  • Eco-Friendly Approach: Constructed with a commitment to sustainability, promoting environmentally responsible playtime.




The Cascade Play Tower Includes As Standard:

  • Base Tower with 6 Ft Wave Slide (90cm Option) or 8 Ft Wave Slide (120cm Option)
  • Add On Modules are provided at an additional cost. Please select them above.
  • Please Note: Accessories featured in photos are for illustrative purposes only. Accessories are sold separately.