Challenger Add On


The Challenger Add On from Dino Dens truly lives up to its name. Its distinctive sloped design instantly invites children to embark on adventurous climbs, turning their gaden into a thrilling mountainous terrain. After a day of energetic scaling and playing, they’re sure to enjoy a good night’s sleep.

As the premium version of our swing add-ons, the Challenger boasts a dual-swing beam that accommodates two different swing accessories. Its unique feature is the inclined platform, approachable from three sides, offering a variety of climbing experiences. Kids can choose from a broad climbing wall equipped with grips, a sturdy climbing net, or an angled ladder for their ascent. Like our standard swing sets, the Challenger is available in two design variants, each with a different beam height, catering to various preferences and backyard sizes. This unit is not just a playset but a catalyst for imaginative and physical play, ensuring hours of active fun and adventure.



  • Climbing Wall With Holds


  • Rope Climbing Area


  • Double Swing Beam


  • Side Angled Climbing Ladder