Ground Anchors-Twisted pack of 4


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Twisted screw-in Ground Anchors-easy to use safety anchors to ensure your childrens’ safety at all times. Ensure your play equipment is properly secured using our screw-in twisted ground anchors. Recommended for all raised playhouses and swing sets. You can purchase our twist-in ground anchors in a four-pack. 

  • electric galvanised steel
  • easy to turn into the ground due to its spiral shape design
  • can be installed after building playhouse as screwed into the ground and bolted to leg of playhouse or swing set
  • includes hardware set

Ground anchor safety checks

We recommend that you periodically check the sturdiness and safety of your screw-in ground anchors, to ensure they are not damaged or loosened. We recommend performing safety checks at:

  • At the beginning and end of the play season if equipment only used certain times of year
  • Once per month during the play season or all year round if used regularly
  • After a period of heavy rain or wind due to our lovely Irish weather!