NEW-BERG Ultim Champion trampoline flatGround ECO 410/13.5ft


BERG Ultim Champion Flatground ECO 410/13.5ft- green

The world’s first fully recyclable trampoline. This makes the Berg Ultim Champion ECO a durable choice that you can enjoy for a very long time.
The padding is in a natural green blends beautifully into the garden and is durable, wrinkle-free and self-cleaning. The padding is long-lasting and water-and sand resistant. The springs are extra rust proof thanks to the zinc-nickel coating, ensuring a longer life span. The Ultim’s rectangular shape fits perfectly into any garden. Rectangular trampolines mean more jumps! The FlatGround blends perfectly with your lawn.

With or without net-The ECO Champion play trampoline comes as standard with the superb Safety Net Deluxe XL and is suitable for children from 6 years of age. The SPORTS Ultim Flatground ECO Champion trampoline is supplied without a net as standard and is suitable for children from 14 years of age.


FULLY RECYCLABLE – The BERG Champion ECO trampoline is the world’s first fully recyclable trampoline. That makes the Champion ECO a conscious and sensible choice. Besides the fact that the trampoline’s materials last an incredibly long time, they can easily be reused after the trampoline’s lifetime.


¬†DURABLE PADDING – Besides being safe, the Champion ECO’s padding is also very durable. This wrinkle-free padding has a natural look, is made of a garden cushion-like material and has a beautiful green colour. In addition, the material is self-cleaning, meaning our Irish weather such as rain is no match for this padding. It therefore has all the good qualities of normal trampoline padding, but is completely durable.


TWINSPRING – The springs of the Champion ECO also have an extra-long lifespan, ideal for the Irish climate. This is because they are more rust-resistant than normal trampoline springs, as they have a special eco-friendly coating. Thus, they are not only more sustainably produced, but also last much longer than other trampoline springs.


AIRFLOW PRO JUMP MAT – The AirFlow Pro jump mat is optimally woven, allowing more air to pass through than other jumping cloths. This clever innovation reduces drag, allowing you to jump even higher. In addition, the AirFlow Pro jump mat has an overlap that rests over the springs. This makes jumping even safer, as you are less likely to get between the springs.

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