Swings Add On


Dino Dens offers the perfect solution to the common indecision between a play tower and a standalone swing: simply integrate the Swing Module into your play tower! This classic combination brings a diverse range of fun activities for children. Plus, you have the freedom to select your preferred swing accessories.

Featuring the most robust metal connection brackets available in the market today, the Swing Module ensures a strong and exceptionally stable construction when combined with the optimized hardware. This makes the swing addition not just an extra feature, but a durable and safe extension of the play tower.

The Swing Module is versatile, too. Attach the larger version to play towers with a platform height of 1.5 meters, and the smaller version to those with a 1.2-meter platform height. The construction kit for the Swing Module remains the same for both versions; the only difference lies in the length of the wooden beams. This adaptability makes it easy to customize your play tower to suit your space and children’s needs perfectly.



  • Stong And Sturdy Swing Frame


  • Double Swing Bean for 2 Seats


  • 2 Sizes Available


  • Blends Perfectly With Play Unit