The Big House Deluxe 22 & Double Swing Extension


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The Big House Deluxe 22 with Double Swing. We have made this house even bigger and higher!!  Our Big House Deluxe means more fun and room with added safety features like the new handrail and shutters. The Deluxe version has a sandbox and cabin doors, also an additional side window. It’s the Big House Deluxe but even better! The house can be made with a 1500mm high platform or a 1200mm high platform (Slide of 1500mm compatible with 1500mm and 1200mm platform). Anchors are recommended for safe & secure installation (see accessories, sold separately) Add some Play accessories to complete the fun.

  • Platform height: 1200mm or 1500mm
  • House: 1800mm x 1294mm
  • House with platform: 2029mm x 2107 mm
  • Height of playhouse to peak: 1729mm
  • Height of playhouse with platform:  3228mm (with 1500mm platform), 2929mm (with 1200mm platform)
  • Packaging measurements: 2120L x 1230W x 580H (mm). Weight 410Kg
  • Slide not included: Compatible slide: 1500mm slide compatible with 1200mm-1500mm platform height. Order here.

Double Swing Extension

The double swing set is now available.  Our double swing attachment is suitable for our Funny L, Funny XL, Tree Hut, and Big House Deluxe. See measurements below. Swing set includes 2 swing seats & 2 safety anchors. Please note: The swing must be secured to ensure stability

Safety measures:

  • The use of ground anchors is necessary because they provide stability and minimize the risk of tipping-we include 2 anchors free of charge
  • Every two weeks check a) the tightness and stability of all nuts, screws and bolts. If it is necessary please tighten the parts b) all moving parts should be oiled c) Swing seats, swing hooks, screws, connectors and other accessories must be checked for wear. Replace parts if necessary d) all head screws and sharp edges, change parts if necessary.

Measurements: 2400mm width. 2220mm height (unless reduced for other playhouses). Depth 1830mm

On construction: See diagram for minimum gap below swing seat

Packaging details: 240cm L x 18cm W x 14cm H weight: 35kg

See our FAQS page for more information regarding the wood and maintenance

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