Flat Ground Trampolines

For the sport enthusiast, enjoy the perfect jump in your beautifully landscaped garden. Consider a flat ground trampoline which reduces the visual impact on your back garden, while providing a high quality, safe trampoline experience for you and your children. Berg trampolines with net suitable for 6 years old and above. Berg SPORTS version without a net is for 14 Years and above only. Browse our range of flat-ground trampolines below.


Here it is. We are proud to present the BERG Champion ECO- Ultim Flat ground. This is the world’s first fully sustainable trampoline. All materials have been carefully developed so that they not only have an incredibly long lifespan, but can also be easily reused after use. With this trampoline, we want to show that the future is sustainable. By making more sustainable choices now, the world around us is getting better, bit by bit. Not only for ourselves, but also for generations to come.