Trampolines Public Use

certified trampolines for public use

These trampolines have been tested by the independent certification institute “Keurmerkinstituut” for compliance with the Attractions and Playground Apparatus (Commodities Act) Decree (under Dutch law, which is also accepted in Belgium) and the applicable parts of EN1176 (the European Standard for Playground Equipment).

The customer/proprietor is responsible for complying with local regulations relating to operating a visitor attraction or playground equipment. This means, among other things, that the customer is responsible for the correct assembly and installation of the product, following all instructions in the manual, placing clearly visible warning notices near the trampoline, regular inspections of the trampoline for wear and tear or imperfections, and carrying out the necessary maintenance. This includes keeping track of and recording the inspections and maintenance activities by the proprietor.

When these products are made available for use in public spaces, the following parts must be ordered in order to comply with the regulations:

  • • Additional warning signs for placing near the product